Come with me see the sunflowers: Estee Lauder


I’ve recently been on vacation around Bordeaux, France.

It’s a beautiful place, and what made me fell in love were the sunflower fields.

However during every vacation i have the same problem. Tan skin equals dry skin and more visible wrinkles.

This time i was able to try the DayWear 24h hydration cream by Estee Lauder. I know what you’re thinking: does it work?


Yes, i took it very seriously… Anyway i tried it out and i think it really fullfill its name: AnyDayWear. It’s a super hidrating cream, that makes your skin feeling hydrated and moistorized throught the day!
It promises matte fresh beauiful skin, and it delivers!

If you’re interested you can find more info here and here.

But wait, there’s more! I’ll be hosting a giveaway on my instagram page! If you want to try it for yourself, go follow me on instagram for all the info!

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